5 Ways in which Non-Profits can benefit from Branding!

While many social organizations continue to take a limited approach to brand management, using it, at best, as a tool for fundraising, there are a few enlightened ones who are moving beyond this approach to explore the wider, strategic roles that brands can play- long-term social goals, while strengthening internal identity, cohesion, and capacity.

1. Long-term social goals
While one may not intuitively think of competing in the non-profit sector, but, after all, all organizations, NGOs included, are trying to position themselves with ‘unique propositions’ or ‘value adds’! The other part of the coin is that your supporters have lots and lots of choices—about which organizations to uphold! And they may not be limited to the organizations that are obviously similar to yours. And when your brand stands for something clear, compelling, and valuable, it becomes easier for you to stand out in the crowd of notable non-profits. A clear, strong brand is almost like a gift to your would-be supporters because it allows them to relate to an entity that they presumably share values with.
2. Helping staff and volunteers to be at their best
With a clearly explained brand, everyone who works or volunteers with your organization understands your ‘brand’ and what they can do to highlight it every day. They keep it alive so that it easily and frequently reaches your supporters.
3. Attract and maintain a great staff

We often think of the financial donors and the participants as our stakeholders — the result of an effective branding and a strong communication mechanism. But there is another stakeholder group for whom the strength of your brand matters: the paid and volunteer staff!
4. Defending against the negative news

If you are a well-known organization with a big staff and hundreds of volunteers, it may come to pass that you get some negative press someday. This is true especially if your mission has defamer who actively search for ways to make you look shady. But When your organization consistently sends positive impressions through the word choice and actions, the occasional slip-up are more likely to be overlooked by your supporters.
5. Intensify the self-image of your supporters

Each of us likes to be associated with brands that make us feel good about ourselves and that send a positive signal to the world about who we are. If you stand for something clear, powerful, and strong, the like-minded people can easily find you. And when they feel good about being part of your work, they will proudly promote you to their own networks.
CITRON is an innovative fundraising and communications agency that works exclusively with non-profits. We work in three areas – build the brand, raise funds & training – to help organizations reach supporters, build awareness and raise money. It works only with non-profit organizations and therefore we understand and empathize with their special needs and challenges. We aim to be a supportive partner to our NGO partners at every step of their journey.npbranding

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