5 Reasons to Outsource Fundraising for Your Non-Profit Organization

Operating a non-profit in a way to make a real difference requires an extensive investment in upfront costs and ongoing expenses, the fundraising for which needs a unique skill set, and can distract you from focusing on your core work – that of making a difference to those who need it! An increasing number of charities, non-profits & NGOs are realizing that keeping these operations in-house is not always the best decision as they opt to partner with fundraising agencies to satisfy this need. These are the 5 primary advantages they have got from doing this:

1. Focus on core competencies: When an organization outsources their fundraising, they are putting a difficult function of their business in the experienced, capable hands of an agency so they can focus on their core work. CITRON is an innovative fundraising and communications agency that helps small and mid- sized NGOs raise funds and provides them with the necessary communication services.

2. Leverage technology, methodologies and people: Why invest in the hardware, hiring, and management when there are fundraising outsourcing agencies who have already done that and are just waiting for companies to team up with?

3. Benefit from proven processes developed over years of experience: When non-profits decide to keep their fundraising work in house, they encounter a learning curve that can be difficult to get over. By partnering with an established outsourcing partner such as Citron India, the curve is eliminated altogether.

4. Reduce capital, staffing, operating, and training costs: Capital & Operating expenses of an internal fundraising function can stack up quickly, but outsourcing that function of work reduces those operating costs by eliminating hard to manage functions. Rather than having to hire new people, bring in experts, and train a whole staff, which takes massive amounts of time and effort, social organizations that outsource fundraising immediately tap into Citron’s highly skilled set of resources.

5. Enhance speed of service for increased customer satisfaction: When you rely on your own team to keep up with all prospective and current donors & investors, it can sometimes take days to respond. With a great outsourcing program, that response time can be cut down to a matter of minutes, which delights them and develops a loyalty, and by opting to outsource fundraising to a partner like Citron, a non-profit can maximize their internal resources so they can focus on mission-critical operations.

Outsourcing is not just about cutting costs and saving money. It is also about how to do things quicker, more efficiently, getting to the target audience faster than your competitors, maximizing workforce flexibility and gaining access to highly qualified employees.


Outsourced Fundraising is becoming one of the most significant business trends globally and we at Citron can help you ride the early wave in India! fundraising-fb

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